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Thank you Vodacom for your Gift of Vision!

19 January 2017

The Health Foundation is proud to have facilitated a donation from Vodacom for the Gift of Vision programme. In a beautiful example of private-public teamwork, 365 children at underprivileged schools in the Paarl East area received spectacles to improve their vision.

Through the Western Cape Government's School Health programme, school health nurses do basic vision screening, among other health checks. Children with vision problems are then referred to a private optometrist contracted to the Department. However, the state budget is not sufficient to meet all the needs. That's why The Health Foundation seeks donations to give children a Gift of Vision.

The Vodacom Foundation, motivated by Mr Alberts Breed of the Western Cape Vodacom region, recognises how important vision is for children's education and development. Vodacom made a donation of R80 000, while The Health Foundation added R30 000 for the optometrist's fees. With these funds, top quality spectacles - individually prescribed and fitted by Stellenbosch Optometrists - were given to 365 learners at four schools in the Paarl area, namely; New Orleans Primary, New Orleans Secondary, Nederburg Primary and Orleansvale Primary.

The successes of this programme were recently celebrated at a hand-over ceremony at New Orleans Primary School where 112 children were presented with their spectacles. Vodacom and The Health Foundation wanted to ensure that this event would leave behind a meaningful contribution to the school, so we did a make-over to the Life Orientation and Dance classroom where the event was held. The classroom was re-painted and the learners had fun adding their hands to a beautiful mural that that will remain in the room. The event was attended by numerous special guests, including the Western Cape Ministers of Health and Education and the Mayor of Drakenstein, Mr Conrad Poole.

Speaking at the event, the MEC for Education, Ms Debbie Schafer stated that "A healthy learner is more likely to succeed than a learner who experiences challenges with their health. It would be a tragedy if the reason children cannot read is not because they do not have the ability but because they cannot see properly". Her colleague, the MEC for Health, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo encouraged other corporates to take part in the overall School Health programme, stating that Gift of Vision is a flagship programme that shows the successes of transversal partnerships.

The Health Foundation is committed to contributing to a healthy start to life. That's why we support the School Health programme. If you or your company want to make a difference in health, education and the future prosperity of our country, get in touch with us to make your gift a reality.

Dignitaries from the Local and Provincial Governments, Vodacom, and The Health Foundation stand with some of the learners who benefitted from the Programme


Learners working on the mural

Learners received bookmarks with fun and informative health messages


Hooray! Excited learners show off their new spectacles.

Learners stand proudly in front of the finished mural



Mandela Day Celebration

July 2016

Madiba had great love for children. He acknowledged them as great treasures and future leaders of the country. In celebrating the visionary leader, the Health Foundation spent the 67 minutes of Mandela Day at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Rondebosch.

What a joyful experience it was sharing our love and bringing smiles to the faces of the children. The 67 minutes was spent playing with the kids, reading them stories, playing games and helping them building puzzles. It gives so much courage and it is comforting to know that someone cares for you.

Let’s continue caring for our children and our communities. Let everyday be a Mandela Day!!!

From left: Ropafadzo Nhaitayi (Children’s Hospital Trust), Rene Diane, Liba Magwali & Prominent Choto (The Health Foundation), Lerato Seoposenwe (Red Cross Children’s Hospital) & Keisha Steward (student volunteer).



First 1000 Days

May 2016

The Health Foundation has adopted a core strategic focus for the next 3-5 years: Retaining our long-term vision of contributing to Health System Strengthening through our four key pillars, we will start where life starts: with a HEALTHY START TO LIFE. This aligns with the First 1000 Days initiative as well as global goals to improve maternal and child health.

Improving the well-being of mothers and children during the first 1 000-day window helps ensure children get the best start to life and the opportunity to reach their full potential. The period of pregnancy and the first 2 years of life (= 1000 days) offers a unique opportunity for enabling a bright, healthy and prosperous future.

Did you know? Children who get a "Healthy Start to Life" in the 1st 1000 days and beyond are ten times more likely to overcome life threatening childhood diseases, complete nearly five more grades in school, go on to earn 21% more in wages as adults and are more likely to have healthier families of their own .

The First 1000 Days initiative was launched by the Western Cape Government: Departments of Health and Social Development with the aim of raising awareness of the crucial first 1000 days of a child's life. The initiative aims to follow a whole society approach to improve the wellness of children in terms of:

  • Nutrition and Health;
  • Nurture, Care and Support (within the family, home and community);
  • Safety, Protection and Stimulation for early learning.

Opportunities across the life course and for the whole family will be optimized i.e. Adolescence, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, the first 2 years of life and beyond.

In South Africa a family's journey through the first 1000 days is much tougher in a context of poverty, unemployment, difficult access to healthcare and inadequate psychosocial support. Fortunately, state antenatal and child health care services are free, and numerous organizations exist to offer support through this crucial time. But much more can be done to promote healthy behaviors during this time; enhance the linkages between services; and improve the patient experience along this precious journey.


The Health Foundation's Healthy Start to Life strategy will support the First 1000 Days initiative through our unique contribution. We will aim to:

  • Offer strategic support to key stakeholders who share the goal of promoting a healthy start to life
  • Identify priority gaps and opportunities for strengthening the health system
  • Facilitate and support innovative, evidence-based initiatives to utilise these opportunities and make a sustainable difference
  • Mobilise and manage resources for these initiatives

We envision an energized, strengthened and resourced network of role-players who harness and gather their best efforts to make the beginning of each human life the healthiest it can be. This means a more successful trajectory throughout life, more positive contribution to society, and reduced burden on the health system and other state services. Now isn't that a smart investment?

Talk to us about how you can contribute to this vital initiative and subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date.



iShaw.M.2015.Gazing into the 1000 Days Window.


Celebrating a Health Partnership with Liberty Medical Scheme

February 2016

The Health Foundation is proud to have facilitated another private sector partnership in support of the Wellness Mobiles for School Health of the Western Cape Government. We are enormously grateful to Liberty Medical Scheme for their corporate social investment, which not only contributes to the health and education of learners in rural and metro areas of the province, but also provides marketing exposure through the branding of one of the vehicles.

This partnership was celebrated on 11 February at Heideveld Primary School in Athlone, where excited Grade R and Grade 1 learners received health screenings and examinations on one of Wellness Mobiles.

Speaking about the collaboration and the project as a whole, MEC for Education Debbie Schafer called the partnership “Proactive, productive, constructive and life-changing”. She noted that early detection of health problems such as impaired vision and dental problems can significantly impact on learners’ educational experiences.

The Liberty Medical Scheme team’s passion for this service was clear throughout the development of this partnership. Also speaking at the event, LMS Board Member Dr Peter Hill remarked: “These screenings and subsequent referrals can make a significant difference to the school careers and lives of the learners”.

Health MEC Dr Nomafrench Mbombo praised the collaboration, demonstrating that by private and public sectors working “Better Together”, projects can have the longevity and reach needed to ensure a healthier society.

The Health Foundation believes that healthy children are a foundation for a healthy society and future economy. Supporting a service like this is of advantage to the whole of society, and all of our responsibility.

Three of the Wellness Mobiles are now branded by Dischem Foundation and Liberty Medical Scheme. We invite others to join us in supporting this initiative. Another two mobiles are available for branding, which is one of the ways that corporates can contribute. Speak to us today.

From Left:Minister Debbie Schafer
and Minister Nomafrench Mbombo demonstrate to learners
how teeth are to be brushed
From Left: The team behind the magic;
representatives from Liberty Medical Scheme,
Western Cape Government: Health and The Health Foundation


BDU Service recognition

January 2016

Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

The Health Foundation hosted a Service Recognition event as a way to honour and appreciate friends of The Foundation for their time and services to our organisation.

The Foundation recognised the Western Cape Government Health: Business Development Unit staff who rendered services to the Health Foundation in its initial phase of development. Certificates were awarded to each one of them by the Chairman of the THF Board Mandla Moyo and the Chief Executive Officer Jenni van Niekerk.

The event marks the close of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, as The Foundation leaves the incubator of the BDU where Director Michael Manning was part-time Acting CEO of the Foundation. The Foundation continues to cultivate a positive strategic relationship with the Department of Health, while maintaining its independence as a non-profit company.

From left: Michael Manning (Director BDU), Mandla Moyo (Chairperson of the THF Board), Jenni van Niekerk (CEO THF), Roshan Saiet (BDU), Deidre de Kock, Liba Magwali (THF), Joan du Plessis, Yusriyyah Lutta(BDU), Jessica Le Roux (BDU), Chrizelle Nelson (BDU), Harry Grainger(THF)

From left: Mandla Moyo (Chairperson of the THF Board), Jenni van Niekerk (CEO THF), Joan du Plessis (Project Manager, Du Plessis Projects)

From left: Mandla Moyo (Chairperson of the THF Board), Chrizelle Nelson (BDU)

From left: Mandla Moyo (Chairperson of the THF Board), Jenni van Niekerk (CEO THF).

The Health Foundation facilitates Greater Tygerberg Partnership Health Forum

November 2015

The Health Foundation was requested to facilitate the second meeting of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership’s Health Forum, an initiative of the GTP which focuses on facilitating health innovation and integration in the Greater Tygerberg region.

About 30 members of the private, public, academic and civil society sectors were in attendance. With many healthcare role-players active in this region of the Cape Town Metro, there is exciting potential to co-create innovative forms of integrated action for healthcare in this geographical area.

The aim of this meeting was for participants to help identify the ideal focus and format of future Health Forum meetings, thus calling for an out-the-box interactive approach. With many years’ experience in facilitation, The Health Foundation’s CEO Jenni van Niekerk guided the participants through a 2-hour participative process designed to achieve the intended aim.

After an overview of the GTP and of The Health Foundation, a speed-dating-style Intro Buzz warmed up the participants and generated insights into the composition of the Tygerberg healthcare community.

Using World Café methodology, three interactive rounds of conversation followed, with participants switching tables each time to deepen engagement. These conversations progressively explored the questions: What does the Tygerberg Health community need? How could this Health Forum address these needs? What should be the key objectives of the Health Forum?

Finally a fun, live poll was conducted via the Internet using participants’ smartphones to survey the preferred format of the Forum. The session was concluded by feeding back 8 themes that emerged from the discussions as practical action topics to tackle in future meetings of the Forum.

The Health Foundation looks forward to further collaboration with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership to support existing role-players to collectively apply their resources in aid of improved healthcare experiences for people in this region.

Workshop facilitation forms part of The Health Foundation’s contribution to strategy support and is also a form of income generation for our organisation. Contact Us for your strategy support needs.

World Health Summit 2015: report from The Health Foundation’s CEO

October 2015

Greetings! I was fortunate to be one of 1500 delegates at the World Health Summit, held in Berlin in October 2015. From grassroots civil society groups to regional policy makers, private companies and global philanthropists, to health ministers and academics of all disciplines: all were there with the common interest: to sustainably and equitably advance the health prospects of our world’s citizens.

With the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals recently adopted, and health pervading the whole map of goals and targets, the key messages were clear: Health is a precious global good and a matter of human rights. There can be no development without health. Health is everybody’s business, and it will take a whole of society approach and effective partnerships to ‘ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’ (SDG3).

With lessons shared from disease epidemics around the world – whether ebola, non-communicable diseases or the horrific health impact of sexual violence – fundamental to building healthy nations is building healthy, resilient health systems.

Achieving this will also require increasing domestic financing, innovative public-private-civil society partnerships, and the growth of health as an economic sector in itself. The value of any health investment, as proposed in one of the sessions, needs to be supported by the health outcomes achieved.

It is within these themes that The Health Foundation upholds the importance of investing in and caring about health. We are passionate about our role in sourcing alternative financing for health for the purpose of strengthening our public health system in South Africa, starting in the Western Cape. Visit the WHS2015 website to discover more



German-African Healthcare Symposium, October 2016

October 2015

Following the World Health Summit, Jenni and board member Japie du Toit participated in the 2nd German-African Healthcare Symposium, which brought together German healthcare businesses with African healthcare stakeholders. Invited by the German Healthcare Partnership, Jenni spoke on a panel about the long-term development of the healthcare sector in Africa. Asked to offer her perspective on considerations for German companies doing business in Africa, her message was as follows:

German companies have much to offer Africa – their commitment to excellence, high quality technological innovation, and a strong human rights ethic that supports the need for responsible business. She argued that companies can gain competitive advantage by contributing to local economic and social development through local partnerships, job creation and corporate philanthropy. She emphasised that Africa is innovative and resourceful, and not all about problems. Through sensitivity to each unique local context, German companies’ contributions can be made more appropriate and likely to succeed than solutions developed in Europe and imposed. With South Africa already attractive to many German healthcare suppliers, The Health Foundation looks forward to building on the positive relationships established at this event.

Improved health services rewarded with Samsung sound equipment

September 2015

The Health Foundation has received and donated Samsung audiovisual equipment worth R82 000 to the Western Cape Government Health Department. Through this type of donation The Health Foundation is incentivising and rewarding service improvements in public health facilities.

The sound equipment will be distributed as prizes to the winning facilities of the C2AIR2 Club July 2015 Innovation Summit Challenge. The C2AIR2 Challenge was introduced by the health department in 2014 as an internal change management tool to improve service delivery and to continually enhance customer experience through the actions of employees. C2AIR2 stands for the organisational values of Competence, Caring, Accountability, Integrity, Respect and Responsiveness.

Some of the winning facilities to receive the sound systems are Knysna District Hospital, New Somerset Regional Hospital, Victoria District Hospital, Hanover Park Community Health Centre, Grabouw Community Day Centre and Mitchells Plain Community Health Centre, among others.

The equipment will be used for purposes of education, staff motivation and health promotion in these facilities. The donation includes DVD home entertainment systems, AV receivers with speaker systems, and HIFI systems.

This generous donation was made by Samsung Electronics South Africa, while Hirsch's Appliances offered free warehousing. This gift to healthcare is an investment in a healthy society and economy.


From left: Kelly Fortune (WCGH), Michael Valentine (WCGH), Prominent Choto (The Health Foundation), and Silibaziso Magwali (The Health Foundation)

Design Lab 2: Game Changers for tackling Alcohol-related Harms

June 2015

The Health Foundation was invited again by the Department of the Premier to facilitate the second Design Lab to further develop game changing levers to tackle the challenge of alcohol-related harms in the Western Cape. In this workshop, expert teams were supported to finalise the levers, articulate a theory of change and action plans, and present to high level political leadership.

Excessive use of alcohol is responsible not only for harms at individual and family level, but is costing our health system billions. The estimated total cost to society of alcohol harms is R38 billion in tangible costs and between R208 and R243 billion in intangible costs .

Alcohol misuse has been found to be the third risk factor (after tobacco use and obesity) for the burden of disease globally and is estimated to account for 8.8% of the total burden of disease in South Africa. As the chart below shows, alcohol contributes significantly to all 4 of the 5 major components of the Western Cape's Burden of Disease - injuries, TB, HIV, mental and behavioural disorders, and non-communicable diseases.

Estimated breakdown by BOD components of alcohol- attributable DALYS (Disability Adjusted Life Years), South Africa, 2004

Matzopoulos, R. G., S. Truen, B. Bowman, and J. Corrigall. 2014. "The Cost of Harmful Alcohol Use in South Africa." South African medical journal 104(2):127-32.

Sridhar, Devi.2012. "Health Policy: Regulate Alcohol for Global Health." Nature 482(7385):302-302. Truen, Sarah, Yash Ramkolowan, Joanne Corrigall, and Richard Matzopoulos. 2011. Baseline study of the liquor industry including the impact of the National Liquor Act 2003. Pretoria, South Africa.

The Health Foundation facilitates Design Lab 1 for tackling Alcohol Harms

April 2015

The Health Foundation recently facilitated a participatory workshop as part of the Western Cape Provincial Government's process of developing game changers to tackle alcohol-related harms.

Alcohol plays an integral role in our economy and in cultural activities, yet its excessive use results in harm with exorbitant costs to government, families and society. Our health facilities are overburdened with injuries and illnesses related to alcohol.

Hosted by the Department of the Premier, the two-day Design Lab brought together multiple stakeholders to map out this complex challenge and identify possible high-impact, easily implementable interventions within the influence of provincial and local government.

A key objective in The Health Foundation's strategy is to support teams, organizations and communities to develop discerning, evidence-based strategies that have a high chance of success in improving health.

Dischem contributes to the dental health of children in the Western Cape

March 2015

The Dischem Foundation donated over 800 dental packs to be distributed in the Metro School Wellness mobile. The dental packs which include a toothbrush and toothpaste are a welcome contribution to improve the dental welfare of school-going children in the Western Cape where statistics have shown that over 70% of the school going children require dental care/work of relative sorts.

According to the World Health Organisation, establishing good oral health starts at birth. Through distributing the packs and teaching children responsibility for their teeth at a tender age, future healthy habits are promoted. There is scope for more initiatives like this to bolster the comprehensive schools health service which includes optometry, dental and primary health care services to learners.

We would like to invite interested organisations to get in touch with us in order to make school healthcare better together. Find out how this may be possible by clicking here .

Jenni van Niekerk (nee Kruger) and Liba Magwali accepting Dischem donated dental packs.

Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer

February 2015

The Health Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Jenni van Niekerk (nee Kruger) as its new Chief Executive Officer. With more than 10 years of experience in the fields of development, consulting and collaborating with a range of stakeholders across public, private, academic and non-profit sectors, Jenni brings with her a wealth of management and leadership expertise, a proven track record of success and a passion for making a profound social impact.

The Board has expressed excitement that Jenni will be joining the Foundation at this interesting point in the development of its operations. We wish her all the best in her new role.

For more information about her please view the following link:

Focus on Eye Care

January 2015

Representatives from The Health Foundation, Orbis Africa, Cybersight and Business Development met at the Eerste River Eye Clinic theatre. Dr van der Merwe showcased their two bed operating system. The Eye Clinic has become pivotal in assisting to reduce the cataract surgery waiting list in the Western Cape.

Victoria Hospital Paediatric Unit receives small gift

January 2015

Representatives from The Health Foundation and Business Development Unit recently visited the Paediatric Unit of Victoria Hospital. There they handed over the prize money for Best Batho Pele Team to the Paediatric Unit which is currently raising coffers for their Milk Fund.

Handing over the cheque to the Paediatric Unit at Victoria Hospital.

Improving aesthetic appearance of health facilities

January 2015

The Department of Health has expressed an urgency to improve the aesthetic appeal of facility entrances and improve the patients' experience. The pilot sites are Brooklyn Chest (TB), New Somerset Hospital, Clanwilliam Hospital and Green Point (CHC).

In support of this request, The Health Foundation visited the Brooklyn Chest Hospital with Dr Paul Spiller and Mr Richard Burzelman, New Somerset Hospital with Dr Donna Stokes and Green Point Community Health Centre to identify areas that needs improvement. The Health Foundation will assist with finding corporate sponsors for these pilot sites.

From L to R: Michael Manning, Richard Burzelman, Dr Paul Spiller and Prominent Choto at the entrance to the Brooklyn Chest Hospital.

From L to R: Michael Manning, Dr Donna Stokes, and Prominent Choto in front of a damaged wall at New Somerset Hospital

The Health Foundation partners with the Embassy of Japan

November 2014

The Health Foundation has recently met with the Embassy of Japan which runs a programme to assist Non Profit Organisations by supporting relatively small development projects which have a direct and immediate impact on the well-being of disadvantaged communities at grass roots level. We look forward to investigating and pursuing fruitful engagements around this in order to better the well-being of communities in the Western Cape.

From (L to R) Ms Cinta Ellis (Embassy of Japan), Ms Mandi Bell (Business Development Unit), Ms Nothando Hlatshwayo (Embassy of Japan) and Mr Michael Manning (Health Foundation).

Appointment of new Western Cape Minister of Health

January 2015

The Western Cape Health Foundation would like to congratulate Dr Nomafrench Mbombo (former Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport) on her new appointment as the Western Cape Minister of Health. We wish the Minister all the best in her new portfolio.

Grabouw Health Care

January 2015

A meeting was held to discuss the health needs of the Grabouw community together with DOH District representatives and a local NPO - Thembalitsha.

The goal is to collaborate and assist each other to ultimately benefit the patients and citizens of Grabouw. A project plan in this regard is currently being drafted.

Health Foundation met with representatives from CDC and USAID

January 2015

The BDU together with The Health Foundation met with representatives from CDC and USAID to explore possible opportunities in terms of technical support and training for HIV related initiatives.

Site visits were conducted at current WCDOH Wellness Centre partners including Dis-chem, Metropolitan Health and Owethu Clinic in Stellenbosch. We hope to resume discussions after these introductory sessions in 2015.

Stellenbosch Hospital Emergency Centre

January 2015

Michael Manning and Numaan Mohammed visited the Stellenbosch Hospital Emergency Centre for which the upgrade plans are currently being finalised.

From L to R: Numaan Mohammed and Michael Manning (Health Foundation).

The Joint Care Trust donates prostheses to patients in the Western Cape

December 2014

The Health Foundation is delighted to announce its partnership with the Joint Care Trust which has recently donated 80 prostheses to be implanted to selected patients from the Arthroplasty programme in the Western Cape. The Trust has also committed to providing supportive services during the implementation of these prostheses.

Due to budgetary constraints, it is often challenging to effectively address the long waiting lists for the public sector orthopaedic surgical management and perform the much needed respective elective procedures. The Joint Care Trust was set up to assist the Western Cape Department of Health Arthroplasty waiting list.

The Health Foundation which acts as a conduit for such donations would like to encourage other public, private and non-governmental organisations to come on board and take a new leap towards improving the lives of people in the Western Cape who are in need of prostheses and other related donations.

From L to R: Ms Silibaziso Magwali (Health Foundation), Ms Chrizelle Nelson (Dept of Health: Business Development Unit), Dr Nick Martin (Cape Joint Surgery), Ms Prominent Choto (Health Foundation), Dr Deon Engela (Cape Joint Surgery), Mr Michael Manning (Health Foundation)

The Health Foundation meets the National Minister of Health: Dr Aaron Motsoaledi

November 2014

It was a very exciting day today as the CEO of The Health Foundation: Mr Michael Manning met up with the National Minister of Health: Dr Aaron Motsoaledi and his office. The National Health Ministry Office is very interested in seeing the projects which the Foundation has embarked on and is especially keen to learn where the best practices could be potentially explored in order to duplicate the successes.

It is such interactions and engagements amongst others that we aim to build and foster in order to spur the Foundation and indeed its causes forward.

Mr Michael Manning and National Minister of Health: Dr Aaron Motsoaledi.

Paving the way forward

November 2014

The Health Foundation today met with the MEC of Health: Mr Theuns Botha and his office to discuss the progresses and future plans of the Foundation. Working together with the Department we aim to enhance the health care experiences and services that are accessed by 80% of the Western Cape's people.

(From L to R) Mr Mandla Moyo (Chairman: Health Foundation), Mr Theuns Botha (Health MEC), Mr Michael Manning (CEO: Health Foundation) and Ms Mandi Bell (Dep Director: Business Development)

The Health Foundation Board meeting

November 2014

The Health Foundation recently held its last Board meeting for the year 2014 at the Liberty Life Building in Century City. We look forward to reaching even greater milestones in the coming year.

Some of the members of the Board with the staff members.

Pick n Pay meets the School Wellness Mobiles

November 2014

In line with building and fostering strategic partnerships, The Health Foundation recently visited the Pick n Pay Head Office with the School Mobile Wellness vehicle in order to investigate possible opportunities for partnerships and engagements.

The Health Foundation is committed to meeting more companies and parties as there is plenty of potential for partnerships and engagements on this service and others.

The School Mobile Wellness vehicle in front of the Pick n Pay Head Office building.

Suzanne Ackerman (Director: Pick n Pay) with Michael Manning (CEO: The Health Foundation) stand outside the bus with a young learner.

World Prematurity Day celebrated in the Western Cape

November 2015

The Health Foundation celebrates with the Groote Schuur Newborns Trust over milestones reached leading to and during the recent World Prematurity Day.

The Wear Purple for Preemies campaign though still relatively new was well received by most people and organisations who heard about it. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who heeded to The Health Foundation's fundraising and awareness call towards this worthy cause.

Macalyn (Business Development), Liba (Health Foundation), Julie (Newborns Trust) and Mandi (Business Development) share some cheer after the Knit-a-thon event held at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Ladies in purple; Macalyn (Business Development) and Liba (Health Foundation) .

Part of the Western Cape Government, Cape Winelands district municipality staff who participated in the Wear Purple for Preemies campaign.

Purple all the way .

Not to be left out…..kiddies also supported the preemies.

The Health Foundation partners with reputable ophthalmological organisations to build motion for improved eye health

November 2014
The Health Foundation is committed to supporting Orbis Africa, the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) and the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) in a bid to drive momentum for improved eye health in South Africa. Many role players in improving eye health met recently at a function where His Excellency Mr Kgalema Motlanthe, former president of South Africa, was inaugurated as International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) Ambassador for Vision 2020: Sub Saharan Africa. The event was hosted jointly by Orbis Africa and OSSA at the Hilton Sandton in Johannesburg.

The Health Foundation is currently in support of a number of initiatives to improve eye health which includes the fundraising for the provision of spectacles for school children identified to be having visual impairments through the screening done on School Wellness Mobiles in the Western Cape. We are also involved in initiatives with the Radiance Foundation to reduce the high volumes of cataract surgery required in the province.

These efforts collaboratively with other ones from Orbis Africa, OSSA and ICO show that indeed the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness especially in children by 2020 can be realised.

The leading role players in improving eye healthcare pictured with the new ICO Ambassador Mr Kgalema Motlanthe after his appointment are (L to R) Joanne Rowland (Orbis Africa), Dr Kgao Legodi (President of OSSA and member of ICO Board of Trustees), Merinda Moodie (CEO of OSSA) and Michael Manning (CEO of The Health Foundation).

Miss Mandi Bell of the Western Cape Government: Health and Mr Michael Manning of The Health Foundation share a light moment with the new ICO Ambassador Mr Kgalema Motlanthe.

The Arthroplasty Week draws nearer

November 2014

In order to address the increasing demand for arthroplasty surgery, the Orthopedics department at Tygerberg Hospital has arranged a full week of arthroplasty related activities from the 17th to the 21st of November 2014.

During this period, they aim to review over 500 patients that are on the waiting list for Arthroplasty surgery at Tygerberg Hospital. The also aim to condense the old, handwritten waiting list, to the modern electronic central waiting list that has been created by the Department of Health, Western Cape. The week will also be utilized to do surveys and research collection by a few parties.

The programme for the week will include the following;

1. Arthroplasty Clinic
2. Arthroplasty Theatre - joint replacements
3. Educational Group sessions

The Health Foundation would like to invite joint manufacturers, supplier companies, physio-therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and nursing staff to contribute towards the success of this program.

The Cape Winelands region receives its school mobile wellness service vehicle

October 2014

Following the launch of the mobile for the Overberg region, Minister Theuns Botha proceeded to the Cape Winelands where he launched another vehicle to service that region at Alfons Primary School.

The vehicle which is spearheaded to initially serve Quintile 1 and 2 schools (these are schools identified by the education department to have children who are least resourced) was graciously received by the locals. Branding opportunities are also available on this mobile.

Prominent Choto with a young Jason at the Optometry Unit.

Liba Magwali chats to the excited Jason about his experience on the colourful bus.

Learners loved the dinosaur shaped chair at the Dental Unit.

The colourful exterior with child-friendly themes provides a relaxing environment for the learners.

Students watch educative material on the screen as they wait to be seen to by the Health practitioners.

A nurse educates the children on health issues in a fun and interactive way.

Launch of the school mobile wellness vehicle service for the Overberg region

October 2014

The Overberg region recently welcomed its new state of the art school wellness mobile vehicle during the official launch of the service at Umyezo Wama Apile Primary School on the 28th of October 2014.

Speaking at the launch, Miss Mandi Bell from the Business Development directorate of the Department of Health, emphasised that such a milestone could only be reached through the collaboration of several parties which in this case included the provincial departments of Health and Education, Medical Research Council, Mobile Satellite Technologies and The Health Foundation amongst others.

Present at the launch also was Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha who voiced the impact that these vehicles would have in improving the children's health outcomes. Branding opportunities are still available on the mobiles and The Health Foundation would like to invite commercial parties and businesses who would like to partner in such aspects to come forward in order to investigate the available prospects.

Western Cape Minister, Theuns Botha observes as a dental hygienist screens a learner.

Western Cape Minister, Theuns Botha addresses the delegates at the launch.

Ms Mandi Bell shares the background of the Mobile Wellness Schools Health service .

Ms Michelle Williams speaks on how the service will integrate with the existing School Health policy.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation collaborates with The Health Foundation

October 2014

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has recently joined forces with The Health Foundation to collaborate on incentivising people of the Western Cape to make use of the Wellness Centres.

Increasing wellness is a vital strategic objective of the province. Wellness Centres play a pivotal role in increasing wellness by providing the best platform where people can access information about their basic current health status and how best they can make lifestyle changes for the betterment of their health.

We look forward to working together to make the Western Cape a "Well Province".

L to R, Mr Michael Manning (CEO of The Health Foundation), Dr Vash Mungal-Singh (CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation) and Liba Magwali (Health Foundation).

Leaps in the preparation for the Stellenbosch Hospital upgrades

October 2014

One of the priority projects that The Health Foundation is involved with is the Stellenbosch Hospital upgrades. We recently visited the facility to discuss the needs and progress that has been made so far with regards to the preparations for the upgrade.

The total project works is R24 million. Though about 50% of the amount has been set aside by the provincial government to facilitate the upgrades, there is still need for corporate and individual funding for the other 50% to ensure that the hospital gets the required facelift in order to fully improve its services more efficiently.

Follow this link for more information about this project.

The current entrance to the hospital which also serves as the entrance for Emergency Centre patients.

One of the areas requiring upgrades.

Dr Japie du Toit (Deputy Chairperson of THF) Dr Richard Davids (CEO of Stellenbosch Hospital) Ms Mandi Bell ( Business Development) and Liba Magwali (The Health Foundation).

Dr Japie du Toit (Deputy Chairperson of THF) Dr Richard Davids (CEO of Stellenbosch Hospital) Mr Michael Manning (CEO of THF) and Liba Magwali (The Health Foundation).

Current buildings providing support services.

Another view of where the patient files are kept.

Hirsch's Appliances comes to the warehousing rescue

October 2014

Hirsch's Appliances in Milnerton has recently partnered with The Health Foundation. They have offered to warehouse and store the donations received by the Foundation. The Health Foundation is very grateful to Hirsch's for this offer which alleviates the warehousing of goods and equipment challenge that we had previously faced.

Hirsch's recently treated The Health Foundation and the Business Development Unit to a special breakfast using some of the state of the art equipment that they sell.

THF social call to Stellenbosch Hospice

October 2014

The Health Foundation recently visited Stellenbosch Hospice which was one of the recipients of the Samsung Electronic Equipment donations. They all voiced gratitude over the positive difference that the donations had made to their daily operations.

Hester from the Hospice raved about the state of the art sound system whose speakers are mounted in different wards and can be individually controlled so that patients can select different types of music that they want to listen to as per their preferences.

Smith and Nephew donation gives new leap to patients in the Western Cape

October 2014

As part of their CSI outreach initiatives, our partner Smith and Nephew (S&N) recently donated prosthesis implants, consumables and specialist services to assist with the implementation of the prosthesis. 18 patients received hip or knee replacement surgeries over the course of 3 days.

A big thank you to Dr Paul Rowe from the Western Cape Government: Health (WCGH) who facilitated the surgeries which are affectionately dubbed as the "Hip-a-thon" at the Victoria and Mitchells Plain hospitals.

The donation is a very welcome motion to address the provincial knee and hip replacement surgery waiting list of over 1200 which increases weekly. Though capacity is available in some of the Department facilities to perform the service, the main challenge still remains the budget to procure implants and service implementation assistance.

We would like to invite individuals and corporates who want to donate in cash or kind towards this cause which is pivotal to the achievement of the Department's Strategic goals.

Yvonne Chepkonga (S&N), Dr Paul Rowe (WCGH) and Liba Magwali (Health Foundation) on the first day of the Hip-a-Thon.

Dr Paul Rowe (WCGH) and Prominent Choto (Health Foundation) cheer up a patient as she prepares to get into surgery.

Dr Paul Rowe with a very happy patient who had just regained consciousness after the surgery.

Michael Manning (CEO of The Health Foundation) and representatives from WCGH and S & N with Martha pending her surgery.

Mandi Bell (Health Foundation) and representatives from WCGH and S & N with Martha pending her surgery.

Some of the prosthesis implants and consumables donated courtesy of Smith and Nephew. Kindly view our gallery for more images of the activities of the Hip-a - thon.

Appointment of new Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson

October 2014

The Western Cape Health Foundation is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Mandla Moyo as Chairperson and Dr Japie du Toit as Deputy-Chairperson of the Foundation. Both Mandla and Japie have extensive knowledge of the public and private health sector and have been selected by the Board.

The appointment follows The Health Foundation policy of selecting members and leaders of the Board on a rotational basis. We wish them well in their new positions as they steer the Foundation into even greater heights.

Mr Mandla Moyo

Dr Japie du Toit
Deputy Chairperson

Launch of the school mobile wellness vehicle service

August 2014

The Cape Metro designated school wellness mobile vehicle was launched on the 28th of August 2014 at Delft Primary School in Delft.

This flagship project saw the Provincial Departments of Health and Education working together to bring a new lease of life to the Integrated School Health Programme which seeks to expand access to health care services of learners in schools. Also on board with the project is the Dischem Foundation whose branding appears on one of the busses. The Health Foundation would like to invite other commercial parties and businesses who would like to partner in this project to come forward in order to investigate the available opportunities.

Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha shared the following sentiment "Finally we are able to bring healthcare to schools using state of the art technology in smart vehicles using, equipment of the highest standard".

Sharing the sentiment, Western Cape Minister of Education, Debbie Schafer added that "It is a tragedy that such issues (minor health problems) go undetected because parents or guardians are not able to afford screenings such as these. The mobile clinics will make a huge contribution to addressing the problem".

The state-of the art vehicle displaying the branding collaboration of the Dischem Foundation and Western Cape Government: Health

Colette Adams (MST) and Mandi Bell (The Health Foundation)

The Health Foundation partners with the Radiance Foundation

August 2014

The Radiance Foundation is a not for profit organisation whose objectives includes providing relevant services and support to individuals in the Western Cape with visual impairments by way of cataract surgeries and treatment of other eye-related diseases amongst other activities.

The Health Foundation will assist in the raising of funds to aid in the operations and projects of the Radiance Foundation.

L to R; CEO of the Health Foundation, Minister of Health: Western Cape Government and representatives from the Radiance Foundation.

The Health Foundation Annual General Meeting

August 2014

The Health Foundation held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the recently established Hotel Verde. This auspicious gathering doubled up as a farewell and welcoming ceremony for the outgoing and incoming members of the Board. This is as per The Health Foundation policy of appointing members of the Board on a rotational basis.

A special thank you to Hotel Verde for hosting The Health Foundation (AGM) in their VIP lounge free of charge.

From far left: Mr ME Manning, Dr J du Toit, Prof M Solms, Prof B Smit, Dr R Nauta, Dr N Mohamood, Mr C Liebenberg, Dr P Cluver and Mr M Moyo Front row: Ms N North, Ms N Soboil and Ms D Tarr.

The Health Foundation partners with the Newborns Groote Schuur Trust

August 2014

The Health Foundation has partnered with the Newborns Groote Schuur Trust whose mission is to increase survival rates amongst premature, low birth weight and critically ill new-born babies and contribute to achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4.
The Health Foundation will assist in the raising of funds for the various projects that the Trust will be undertaking. For more information about the Newborns Groote Schuur Trust please see the video below or view in your browser

THF visits Samsung donations recipients

August 2014

The Health Foundation recently visited some of the facilities who had received the Samsung donations. They all voiced gratitude over the positive difference that the donations had made to their daily operations.

Ms SN Magwali (Health Foundation) and a representative from Khayelitsha Hospital

Ms SN Magwali (the Health Foundation) and Mr S Tutu (Khayelitsha Ubuntu Clinic)

Representatives from The Health Foundation and St Joseph's Home

Commissioning of the school mobile wellness vehicles

August 2014

The two school wellness mobile vehicles were commissioned at the beginning of the third school term of 2014. The mobiles which will serve schools in parts of the Metro area and selected Rural areas were commissioned at Dr Van Der Ross Primary School in Belhar and the Swartland Hospital in Malmesbury.

The school wellness mobile is a health initiative that will expand access to health care services of learners in schools in the Western Cape. The programme is in line with the Western Cape Government's strategic objective of Increasing Wellness. The state of the art vehicles will currently see to Grade R and Grade 1 learners and provide the following health screening services:
  • learners' vision and hearing
  • oral health care
  • ear, eye and skin examinations
  • testing of gross and fine motor skills, mental health, speech.
The manufacturing of the spectacles for learners identified with vision problems is currently not included in the Health Department's budget for the mobile service. Each pair of spectacles costs R80 and the Heath Foundation would like to invite private parties to donate to such a cause.

One of the state-of -the-art vehicles is officially commissioned

Excited learners follow the proceedings of the ceremony

67 minutes at St Josephs Home

July 2014

The Health Foundation employees together with those from the Western Cape Government: Health (WCGH) took to celebrating the life and vision of Nelson Mandela by spending 67 minutes at the St Josephs Home for Chronically Disabled Children located in Montana.

As some sections of the facility are currently undergoing renovations, the team undertook to paint the "Mothers Room" and strip down the walls in the "Daisy" ward. Claire Binneman from St Joseph's Home thanked the team for carrying out their tasks joyously and added that "...we can assure you that your efforts have added great value to our Home".

From (L to R) Michelle, Yusriyyah, Shakira and Inge at the entrance of St Joseph's Home.

From (L to R) Sonwabile, Prommy, Andisiwe, Inge, Silibaziso and Tsepang at the Daisy Ward.

Samsung Electronic Equipment Donation

May 2014

The Health Foundation through one of its commercial partners, Samsung Electronics South Africa, recently donated various electronic equipment to facilities and institutions which have a vested interest in public health care.

The equipment included washing machines, sound systems and refrigerators. Various public and private facilities were chosen to be recipients of these goods depending on their respective needs.

Addressing some of the recipients, The CEO of The Health Foundation, Mr Michael Manning reinforced the commitment that the Foundation has towards building sustainable relationships and partnerships that will result in the improvement of healthcare and socio-developmental deliverables.

On the 16th of May 2014, The Health Foundation visited some of the recipients of the donations for a photo opportunity. The facilities visited were Khayelitsha Hospital, Tygerberg Hospital and a Community Mental Health and Psychiatric facility at Stikland Hospital.

From left front: Silibaziso Magwali (Health Foundation), Ms Melana de Beer, Sister Eloise Playandi, Mr Sam Manga (Khayelitsha Hospital),

From left back: Sheppard Pye (Khayelitsha Hospital), Prominent Choto(Health Foundation), Michael Manning (Health Foundation) Dr Anwar Kharwa, Mrs Ntombozuko(Khayelitsha Hospital), Quintin Koegelenberg (Samsung).


From left: Michael Manning (Health Foundation), Ms Anel Pienaar, Community Mental Health and Psychiatry at Stikland Hospital, Prominent Choto (Health Foundation), Silibaziso Magwali (Health Foundation), Mandi Bell (Department of Health) and Quintin Koegelenberg (Samsung).

From left: Quintin Koegelenberg (Samsung),
Sister van Schalkwyk (Tygerberg Hospital ICU),and Michael Manning (Health Foundation).

The event was attended by The Health Foundation members, a Samsung representative, Western Cape Government: Health representatives and representatives from the facilities visited.

Some of the sentiments from the recipients include:

"We welcome the donation as there is always need for more equipment. Currently we are in need of an ENT microscope". Dr Anwar Kharwa, (Chief Executive Officer, Khayelitsha Hospital)

"The donation will assist in boosting staff morale as well." Prof Koegelenberg, (Tygerberg Hospital ICU)

"We are most grateful for the donation. The children will definitely enjoy having the hi-fi system". Lehanie Elliot, (Heaven's Gate Children's Sanctuary)
The Health Foundation is still welcoming donations which include those in kind (materials such as building materials, equipment, or consumables), time and expertise, or financial donations. This invitation to donate is open to all large corporates like Samsung who require responsible reporting on the use of corporate social responsibility funds.

Using our channel, one is assured of responsible use of donations, accountability and visible successes which are publicly acknowledged.

From left: Michael Manning (Health Foundation), Dr Anwar Kharwa (Khayelitsha Hospital) and Quintin Koegelenberg (Samsung).

From left: Michael Manning (Health Foundation), Zina Community Mental Health and Psychiatry at Stikland Hospital and Quintin Koegelenberg (Samsung).

Spectacles and dental packs donations

May 2014

As part of the Department of Health's mandate to improve wellness, The Health Foundation has recently distributed spectacles and dental packs to learners at Kenmere Primary School in Kensington. 

The donation consisted of four (4) pairs of spectacles and two hundred and thirty-five (235) dental care packs.This was courtesy of the donations made to the Foundation by Mobile Satellite Technologies (MST) and the Dischem Foundation.

The event took place on the 8th of May 2014 and an optometrist from MST was also present to fine tune the spectacles for the recepients. The students were delighted to receive them and even acknowledged an immediate improvement in their vision.

Present at the event was the staff and learners of Kenmere Primary School, The Health Foundation members, representatives from MST, and representatives from the Western Cape Government: Health.


(From left to right) Miss S.N. Magwali and Mr M.E. Manning (The Health Foundation), Mr Johannessen (Kenmere Primary School) and Ms J. Shihlomulo  (MST) with recipients of the spectacles.

Mr Michael E. Manning, CEO of the The Health Foundation, and Mr Johannessen, the Principal of Kenmere Primary School with a learner.

Learners with the donated spectacles
and some of the dental packs.


The Health Foundation is officially launched by Premier Helen Zille

February 2013

Over a hundred Western Cape business and health industry players gathered at the Woodmill Office Park in Stellenbosch yesterday (4 February 2013) to celebrate the official launch of The Health Foundation.

Premier Helen Zille, addressing the guests, called for what she termed a "whole-of-society" approach to making a difference in healthcare. "Health can be a bottomless pit, unless we can create a partnership with others to address the burden of disease," said Zille.

Dr Josh Fisher, CEO of The Health Foundation, called for responsible corporates to join in the fight for quality health care by partnering with the Foundation.

He announced that Philips Southern Africa has become the first company to join as a founding partner of the Foundation, and invited others to do the same.

"We believe The Health Foundation has the potential to unlock resources from the private sector and academia through a wide spectrum of fruitful, mutually beneficial partnerships."

Dr Fisher described how the concept for the Foundation was first developed by Western Cape Health Minister Theuns Botha, several years ago.

The launch was attended by role-players in the health sector, including those in academia. The mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego, showed his support, alongside the Minister for Health in the Western Cape.

"This is a vision which started the day we took government in the province," said Botha. He reiterated the Premier's call for partnerships with the private sector, describing The Health Foundation as a means to invest and improve health in the province without digging into the already tight provincial budget.

Zille officially launched The Health Foundation with the unveiling of a plaque at the offices. "Health is a partnership," she said, "but it is also your responsibility."

Zille praises public-private healthcare initiative

February 2013

Speaking at its official launch in Stellenbosch today (4 February 2013), Western Cape Premier Helen Zille praised the initiative of The Health Foundation. The Health Foundation was formed to assist in ensuring better access to quality health care in the face of infinite demand in the province through the leveraging of public-private partnerships.

The Foundation, which is the brain child of Western Cape Health Minister, Theuns Botha, takes a "whole of society" approach to improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare for all people in the province by accessing alternate funding models to accelerate change.

"The Western Cape Government is committed to increasing the health and wellness of the people of our province. A major factor in achieving this is the access to sufficient resources to support our healthcare system. In light of the province's enormous burden of disease, this is never enough," explained Botha.

"The supply of health services and resources resulting from our annual health budget is outstripped each year by public demand. It is clear that present resources do not allow for the Western Cape Health Department alone to ensure health and wellness in the province. For this reason I am pleased to support the establishment of The Health Foundation as a first for South Africa," said Zille.

"The Foundation is a non-profit, independent and non-politically aligned organisation devoted to promoting the health of all citizens of the Western Cape," said Board Chairperson, Dr Paul Cluver.

"The Foundation seeks to find new ways to improve quality and access to health care services, to create new revenue streams and to develop new models of service delivery to the benefit of all."

CEO of the Foundation, Dr Josh Fisher, explained that the Foundation would make use of innovative and creative solutions to facilitate public private partnerships to the benefit of health in the province.

"The Health Foundation has the potential to unlock resources from the private sector through a wide spectrum of fruitful, mutually beneficial partnerships. We welcome and invite creative ideas and partnerships with forward-thinking companies. Such partnerships will include both donor and commercial partnerships."

Cluver further stressed the Foundation's commitment to good governance and transparent reporting, as demonstrated by the calibre of its Board of Directors and auditors.


Financial Mail article by Claire Bisseker

December 2012

Western Cape MEC for health Theunis Botha, frustrated by a health budget that is failing to keep up with population growth, has devised a novel solution: partner with the private sector to create a not-for-profit foundation to raise resources purely for public health care.

Read full article.

702 Interview with John Robbie - Audio Podcast

December 2012

Listen to Podcast. (MP3)

Health foundation launch

May 2012

This was said by head of the health department in the province Craig Househam during the opening of the Western Cape Health Foundation in Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, yesterday.


Minister Botha to Officially Announce the Western Cape Health Foundation

May 2012

The Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, will make an official announcement about the newly established health foundation for the province at the quarterly meeting of the Public Private Health Forum on 24 May 2012.


Health department launches health foundation

May 2012

The Western Cape Health Department today launched the Western Cape Health Foundation. MEC of Health Theuns Botha today said that the Western Cape Government’s Health Care 2020 vision is patient-driven.

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Western Cape Health Foundation Shows the Province is Seeking Solutions

May 2012

The establishment of the Western Cape Health Foundation is a bold step into the territory of fundraising, the provincial Health Minister, Theuns Botha, said on 24 May when officially announcing the foundation. He was speaking at a meeting of the Public Private Health Forum attended by businessmen representing the corporate sector. Read more...

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