Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – #flattenthecurve

Over the last few months the world has seen the rampant increase in the cases of people contracting the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease. Unfortunately, South Africa has not been exempt from the spread of this epidemic and has noted a number of cases already.

The World Health Organisation, Government of South Africa as well as other regulated Health Bodies have disbursed a lot of reliable and credible information around:

  • What the disease is
  • What its symptoms are
  • How it is spread
  • What measures have been put in place locally to curb the spread
  • How it can be prevented
  • Who/ where to contact should you suspect you have been infected

See below links for credible information around this subject matter:

As The Health Foundation, we strongly are advocating for #flattenthecurve as well as boosting our immune systems during this period.


Figure 1: Adapted from the National Development Plan website

Figure 1 shows the relative impact of implementing measures that have been suggested by our relevant authorities. Important to remember is that these measures are meant to avoid/delay exposure to the virus.  This helps limit surges and gives hospitals time to prepare and manage to host patients. Which is ultimately the goal, because a less stressed health care system means better care for the people.

Boost immune system

Now more than ever, it would be important, that people incorporate healthier living practises (e.g exercise, eating better, reading and rest) in their everyday regimes in order to boost their immune systems. It has been widely reported, that the status of one’s immune system will also have a bearing on how they react to exposure to the virus. There are plenty of resources that have been made freely available on the internet to foster this; these range from home exercises to affordable and healthy cooking courses that can be enjoyed by people of varying ages.

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