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German-African Healthcare Symposium, October 2016

October 2015

Following the World Health Summit, Jenni and board member Japie du Toit participated in the 2nd German-African Healthcare Symposium, which brought together German healthcare businesses with African healthcare stakeholders. Invited by the German Healthcare Partnership, Jenni spoke on a panel about the long-term development of the healthcare sector in Africa. Asked to offer her perspective on considerations for German companies doing business in Africa, her message was as follows:

German companies have much to offer Africa – their commitment to excellence, high quality technological innovation, and a strong human rights ethic that supports the need for responsible business. She argued that companies can gain competitive advantage by contributing to local economic and social development through local partnerships, job creation and corporate philanthropy. She emphasised that Africa is innovative and resourceful, and not all about problems. Through sensitivity to each unique local context, German companies’ contributions can be made more appropriate and likely to succeed than solutions developed in Europe and imposed. With South Africa already attractive to many German healthcare suppliers, The Health Foundation looks forward to building on the positive relationships established at this event.

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