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Hello Doctor:

Hello Doctor is a digital telehealth platform that aims to unburden the public health system, by eliminating long queues and reducing high patient load in public clinics. This tele-triage service connects patient to doctor, in a convenient and cost-effective manner by dialling the USSD number and requesting a call-back from a doctor. It is currently offered at selected community healthcare centres, in Delft CHC and Symphony Way CHC, Cape Town and KT Motubatse CHC, Soshanguve free of charge to the user. The Hello Doctor project has passed the pilot phase and is fully operative in the selected CHCs. Currently, there is an established relationship in the facilities to offer support in efforts to strengthen and expand this project in providing access to quality healthcare for all South Africans.

1. To alleviate unnecessary visits to the clinic, through a tele-triage system.
2. To provide the patient with medical advice and e-prescription of Over the Counter Medication (“OTC”).
3. Increase access to healthcare services in the most convenient manner.
4. Offer quality health care services.

“It is amazing to be able to access telehealth care from the palm of your hand through your mobile phone, given the fact that approximately 38.8 million South Africans own mobile phones, among which 25.5 million are smartphones”.

Partners: Western Cape Government Health & Wellness, Dis-Chem Foundation and Momentum Metropolitan Health

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