Leading Safe Choices

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Leading Safe Choices

Funded by an experienced anonymous US donor and lead by the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in the UK, the Leading Safe Choices programme aims to strengthen the competence and raise the standing of family planning professionals in South Africa and Tanzania.

The Health Foundation is proud to be the sub-grant recipient for the three-year pilot programme in the Western Cape and to contribute in this way to improved maternal and child health. The Health Foundation will manage the grant of approximately R20 million for the pilot phase, with implementation embedded within the Department of Health’s women’s health programme. The Foundation will employ and second the programme staff to the Department and will play a governance and quality assurance through membership of the Steering Committee.

The programme’s objectives are to:

  • Develop and disseminate Best Practice Papers on postpartum family planning and comprehensive abortion care (CAC)
  • Contribute to skills building and mentorship in family planning and CAC, through training and support systems
  • Enable focus countries to professionalise family planning and CAC services with accreditation and certification systems

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