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The Health Foundation donates towards improving maternal and neonatal health

July 2019

In line with its strategic objective of key resource mobilisation, The Health Foundation (THF) recently donated 5 000 gestational wheels and 80 new birth registers to the Western Cape Government: Health (WCGH). This was spurred on by the Department’s 2030 vision; that calls for access to person-centred quality health care. In putting this vision to action, Dr James Kruger commended THF in that, “the donated tools would play a pivotal role through enabling superior person-experiences of the health care system”.

The gestational wheels are tools to assist with the antenatal care of a pregnant woman.

The birth registers are a combination of two current registers, the birth (delivery) register and PMTCT labour ward register. They are to enable the meeting of numerous requests to reduce the administrative load of staff.

The tools were developed in conjunction with the Health Programmes Directorate of WCGH. Both items will assist in improving quality person-centred health care rendered to women during the antenatal, intrapartum & postpartum period (i.e. during pregnancy, labour & post-delivery).

Left to Right – Mr M. Pere, Mr J. Kruger (WCGH), Mr H. Grainger (THF), Ms E. Arendse (WCGH) and Ms L. Magwali (THF)

THF continues to strive to boost resources and enhance services in the public sector so as to improve healthcare quality, access and experience for the people of South Africa.

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