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The Health Foundation facilitates Greater Tygerberg Partnership Health Forum

The Health Foundation was requested to facilitate the second meeting of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership’s Health Forum, an initiative of the GTP which focuses on facilitating health innovation and integration in the Greater Tygerberg region.

About 30 members of the private, public, academic and civil society sectors were in attendance. With many healthcare role-players active in this region of the Cape Town Metro, there is exciting potential to co-create innovative forms of integrated action for healthcare in this geographical area.

The aim of this meeting was for participants to help identify the ideal focus and format of future Health Forum meetings, thus calling for an out-the-box interactive approach. With many years’ experience in facilitation, The Health Foundation’s CEO Jenni van Niekerk guided the participants through a 2-hour participative process designed to achieve the intended aim.

After an overview of the GTP and of The Health Foundation, a speed-dating-style Intro Buzz warmed up the participants and generated insights into the composition of the Tygerberg healthcare community.

Using World Café methodology, three interactive rounds of conversation followed, with participants switching tables each time to deepen engagement. These conversations progressively explored the questions: What does the Tygerberg Health community need? How could this Health Forum address these needs? What should be the key objectives of the Health Forum?

Finally a fun, live poll was conducted via the Internet using participants’ smartphones to survey the preferred format of the Forum. The session was concluded by feeding back 8 themes that emerged from the discussions as practical action topics to tackle in future meetings of the Forum.

The Health Foundation looks forward to further collaboration with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership to support existing role-players to collectively apply their resources in aid of improved healthcare experiences for people in this region.

Workshop facilitation forms part of The Health Foundation’s contribution to strategy support and is also a form of income generation for our organisation. Contact Us for your strategy support needs.

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