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The UbuntuCare Cloth Mask Model expands into Grabouw

May 2020

As part of the Ubuntu cloth mask model, local Grabouw seamstresses have been recruited to form part of the initiative by assembling and manufacturing Ubuntu cloth masks for future orders. Each seamstress makes a small profit on masks that are manufactured. Fabric cut outs for masks, quality control, packaging and further distribution is handled in partnership with Coconut Jazz.

Speaking on behalf of other seamstresses from a factory room at Kleinbegin Elgin Timbers, Nicoleen Snay said “We as a group of local seamstresses are grateful for this short-term work opportunity and the exposure for which our business will gain from being part of this initiative to produce cloth masks. Many people in our community have been affected financially by the lockdown, therefore we are thankful to be able to receive a stipend and at the same contributing to the government’s efforts to help preventing people from getting the coronavirus,”.

Already, community members of Grabouw have been recipients of the UbuntuCare cloth masks. The Grabouw Solidary Fund placed the first order of 1 500 Ubuntu cloth masks and these were donated to frontline essential workers, high-risk individuals and the vulnerable receive a mask at no cost to them personally. These ranged from law enforcement officials; carers and residents from Huis Silwerjare old-age home, 14 local organisations involved in soup kitchens and other essential services, taxi drivers, and high- risk groups.

Want to get involved
To partner in the Ubuntu Mask public-private initiative, please contact The Health Foundation, at 418 1580 OR WoW!, contact 483 884.

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