Wellness Mobile Clinics

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Wellness Mobile Clinics

The Wellness Mobiles forms one part of the broader Integrated School Health Programme in the Western Cape. The vision of the project on a micro-level is to reduce the negative impact of immediate health-related barriers to learning. On a macro-level, the intervention strives to foster sustained positive health outcomes for learners and their communities.

1. Screening learners within the context of an improved referral and follow-up system
2. Providing preventative procedures with the additional equipment on board as well as health education to learners
3. Providing immediate dental, eye, and other minor treatments to learners
4. Providing a range of interventions to the general population in hard-to-reach areas

Primary Health Care services include: Immunization and deworming updates, weight measurements, eye, ear and throat screenings, testing gross and fine motor skills, screenings for skin and other problems.

The Optometry services include: Vision screening followed by comprehensive eye tests. Dispensing spectacles together with professional aftercare to those candidates that presented with a vision pathology during the eye test.

Dentistry services include: Cleaning and polishing. Fissure sealants, extractions, referrals in cases where children have severe dental impairments.

“Delivering world-class healthcare services to communities where they are desperately needed through an innovative service platform that integrates different healthcare services”.

Partners: Western Cape Government Health & Wellness, Guud and Dis-Chem Foundation

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