WOW – Healthy Living Cookbook

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WOW – Healthy Living Cookbook

WoW! What an exciting Movement!

The Health Foundation is proud to work with the WoW! Healthy Lifestyles initiative in association with the Western Cape Government and its valued partners. WoW! (WesternCape on Wellness) promotes and activates Healthy Lifestyle Actions to prevent, reduce and better self-manage common chronic diseases. WoW! represents a novel transversal and cross-sectoral partnering approach to promote, activate, expand and maintain a healthy lifestyles movement across multiple settings, including: Worksite, Primary Healthcare Facility, School, Community and Public Space settings. See

Another facet of WoW! is about enabling people to live healthier lifestyles through EATING WELL – WoW! groups encourage and provide people with guidelines and recipes for healthy eating.

WoW! Plant-based Cooking Course…

The Health Foundation is privileged to be the sub-grant manager of the Humane Society International (HSI) funding towards the development of the first WoW! Plant-based Cooking Course in South Africa. A healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet, and as dieticians recommend, this means at least 5 healthy servings of vegetables everyday. This nutrition-packed course which is being developed with a proudly South African context will be accredited by SETA and made available to the public.

Partnering with WoW!

The implementation of WoW! is all about transversal, inter-governmental and cross-sectoral partnerships.
Contact us if you would like to Join our existing WoW! Partners to Co-Create a Culture of Wellness!


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