WOW – Shoes2Move

WoW! What an exciting Movement!

The Health Foundation is proud to work with the WoW! Healthy Lifestyles initiative in association with the Western Cape Government and its valued partners. WoW! (WesternCape on Wellness) promotes and activates Healthy Lifestyle Actions to prevent, reduce and better self-manage common chronic diseases. WoW! represents a novel transversal and cross-sectoral partnering approach to promote, activate, expand and maintain a healthy lifestyles movement across multiple settings, including: Worksite, Primary Healthcare Facility, School, Community and Public Space settings. See

One facet of WoW! is about enabling people to live healthier lifestyles through MOVING – physical activity for health and fun!

If only they had Shoes2Move…

The WoW! Groups are working with lots of people, young and old, who want to start walking or running – to Move for better health – but they don’t have comfortable, supportive shoes. And they can’t afford to buy them. The Shoes2Move campaign calls on people and corporates to make donations, with which we will gift a new pair of basic exercise shoes to WoW! Club members who show commitment and regular attendance at their WoW! Group

Partnering with WoW!

The implementation of WoW! is all about transversal, inter-governmental and cross-sectoral partnerships. Contact us to Join existing WoW! partners and yield the following benefits for your corporation:

  1. Free co-branding of all communication and marketing resources/materials – in print, electronic and social media.
  2. Free special mention with company logo on the WoW! mobi-site under Partners.
  3. Free access to the mobi-site and Health Passport (screening tool and personal record card).
  4. Free monthly electronic WoW! Newsletter (inclusive of partner logos) – distributed to 1000s of WCG employees and members of the public.
  5. Free subscription to the WoW! SMS/Whatsapp communication platform by employees (and their families) of the respective partners – receiving x3 wellness-promoting messages per week.

Everyone can BE WELL and BE WOW!

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